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I have really enjoyed this EDC3100 course, and that is saying something as I completed it online (not particularly loving online study).

It has opened my eyes about alot of things I would not automatically think of when using technology ( remember the Take the Lollipop and the Exif Viewer application where they can find out the location of where the picture was taken….aaahhhh).

I think the creation of the Personal Learning Network is something I will keep using to make sure my lessons are fun and go smoothly.

Anyway signing off for now …going to reload ready for next semester.

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Are you going to be remembered?

Goodbyes are never easy!

Last day of prac……

Sometimes you wonder if you have made an impact on the students, did you teach them some new and interesting stuff (knowledge) . I mean really, we are only there for a few weeks and are frantically trying to fit into their already established classroom routines.

Building relationships, making connections, creating a safe environment, knowing what they are interested in, how they learn best and making sure they know you value them!  you hope to achieve these in such a short amount of time.

Today was not easy for me as there were tears, hugs, letters and pictures from the students.  It is moments like these that you realise “Yes” what you do does make a difference.  Have a look at this YouTube video about what people remember about their teachers Favourite Teachers- Man on the street.

Just remember, sometimes you are the only consistent thing in their life!

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Technology Tantrums

Planning plan B for plan B with technology!

I hear you Jaz, with the amount of inconsistency that comes with using technology. It is so hard trying to contain 25 excited Year 4 students to wait for connections to the server or loading files only to have it drop out or the favourite ” Cannot establish a connection”.

This week my eager students have been working so hard on creating a personal recount and then planning the structure to create a PowerPoint that will support an oral presentation of their recount.  We had an intensive ICT session of learning the features and processes within PowerPoint, had practice and refinement lesson to modify and apply features and transitions and when it came to the lesson of actually creating the presentation there was no connection to the server.  Grrrrrr

Luckily back up Plan B came into action and their hard work was saved on to their USB’s instead of their student folders on the server. ( We will transfer then to the server later as USB’s often go wondering…)


Just putting it out there……

Tuesday- Internet meltdown

PRAC DAY 3 – Server/ internet/ whole system is DOWN! Abort Abort Abort.

I walk into the school reception to log my attendance and can see the fear in the faces of the admin staff.  No internet….. I can see teachers scurrying around, popping heads out of doors, rummaging through boxes of resources and textbooks madly preparing to rejig their whole teaching day.

Luckily for me (on this occasion) I had been allocated to teach mathematics in a classroom that does not have an IWB or access to Ipad’s for the day.  I prefer to teach mathematics primarily using concrete resources, much like fellow student Beth, so this outage did not disrupt my teaching.

It was a great day to Cut Stuff Up (thanks Romina)



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How are your behaviour management skills?

DAY 1 Prac- Instant flashback to one of my previous subjects Managing Classroom Behaviour.  Thank goodness!

Least intrusive to most intrusive, least intrusive to most intrusive and running the variety of skills through my mind.  If you have forgotten or have not done the subject yet here is a link  ESCM- Essential Skills for Classroom Management which was the focus of our school staff meeting too.

Not only are these skills second nature to the teacher/ mentor,  but they are also skills we as pre-service teachers need to master to build our confidence and performance in managing classroom behaviour.  DETE not only developed the ESCM skills program I mentioned before but they also do Classroom Profiling of current and pre-service teachers to assist in reflecting on the strategies they employ in the classroom.

I have volunteered as a pre-service guinea pig to have this process done whilst I am on this practical experience, but have said that I will do it in my last week!! ( I may have to bribe some of the students that day …hehe)

Well I’m game if they are.  It’s all good practice!


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Close your eyes…and jump!

Ok here we go. No turning back now….it’s Prac time!

I’m scaring myself writing this blog ( hahaha) Some people feel like their being thrown to the wolves, some just about to take that first step to jump out of an aeroplane.  But one thing I know for sure students can smell fear (particularly the older ones).  So what motivational advice can I give:

  • put on a smile ( even if you feel like vomiting from nerves)
  • dress to impress, at least you will look like you know what you are doing
  • remember to breathe (very important)
  • watch what the other teachers are doing and if it’s working…copy it, they’ve had more practice
  • and remember you get to leave in 3 weeks !!

No seriously, I have found a great link 10 Tips for a smooth teaching placement that has some awesome ideas for while you are on prac.

And if all else fails…bribe then with food.  (Tip #8)

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IWB’s- you have no idea.

After completing this weeks learning path there was one factor that rang true for me.  During my prior professional experiences I have witnessed these very expensive piece of digital technology become no more than dust collectors or something to hang things from (much like my exercise bike that I hang clothes on !).  As the research identifies, it is more the teachers resources and pedagogy that turns them into pieces of furniture in the classroom.

The use of the CLEM acronym to help you find out more specifics about what the technological monster can do is excellent! Similar to fellow student Steve  I now plan to email my mentor to get some more details about the one in her room!

I love tips and tricks to get things done and found this link Interactive Board uses Tips and Tricks to be excellent.  They are easy, creative and imaginative such as Tip #49 Using the Interactive board as a backdrop for students during role-play to add a bit of authenticity!

Just putting it out there…..


Do they know more than me?

I have just returned from a meeting with my mentor and am now feeling really confident with my upcoming prac.  The class I have been allocated to is a Year 4 class, but unfortunately for this prac, it is not one of the 1 to 1 laptop classes.  However, my mentor is happy to book the computer labs and library sessions so I can get these kids some ICT time.  My mentor is more of a hands-on using concrete resources style of teacher (which I love) but is up for using technology in the lessons. Yay.

Now what do the students already know about ICT?  How can I find out?  I was reading through fellow student Jacinta’s blog who shared a fabulous link  27 Ways to check prior knowledge which is a visual aid to cue teachers to finding out students prior knowledge! I love posters and visual aids, so thanks for sharing Jacinta.

Time to set off some ICT fireworks in the classroom.

Just putting it out there…..20150926_190419.jpg

How do I feel now after Week 10?

Wow.. after just completing this weeks learning path I am both disappointed and intrigued.

I am disappointed that people can be tracked, hacked, stalked and invaded from just sharing one photo.  I found that activity quite scary, and ended up going through numerous photos that I have shared and putting them in the Exif viewer application to see if it identified the location of where the photos were taken.  Pretty scary stuff, and students at home/ school could be sharing their own locations and details ( even down to the type of device they used to take the photo).

With the second activity, Take the lollipop, I confess I did not log into Facebook to do it!  But I watched the video and am totally creeped out.

This weeks learning path has given me so many questions that I need to raise with my mentor tomorrow and the necessity for me to quickly get an idea of where my students are at with using technology so I can be prepared and make them aware of the safe and responsible use of ICT.  It is life saving….


Just putting it out there…….

What have I learned?

Reflecting on digital citizenship Week 10.

First of all my quiz results

Quiz 1 – 2/4.

This first one I got incorrect was that the person doing the bullying does not suffer from low self-esteem, but actually an inflated self-esteem.  However, it does say they are more likely to have this.  I have also often found that when you peel back some of the layers from a bully there is an issue or an insecurity that they are compensating for.

I was surprised to see that face-to-face bullying was still the highest form, not digital.  Maybe the digital form of bullying often goes unwitnessed or unreported? Just a thought!

Quiz 2- 24/25

I was surprised at the last question where it advises not to let your parents onto a site where you have notified them about it being violent …and to remain in the room when you show it to them. This raised some issues of distrust that may be implied towards the parents in this situation.

In reflection of the first post and in response to my quiz results, securing the privacy and the safe storage of your personal files images and documents still remains at the top of my list.  Number 2 – is the responsible and respectful manner in which we communicate through technology.  There is still always a paper trail even with digital devices thus holding you accountable for your actions of how, where, when and who you communicate with.


Just putting it out there….